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What I want

Post by IronTard »

Hello everybody
I just found this browser and I'm giving it a try, don't expect me to propose it even if i like it, I never disclose my ways.
I'm looking for a browser that allows me to mess up with the sites I'm visiting
I dont want to be tracked and I want a way to express my abhorrence where I feel like that.
I want cookies stored in plain texts not in database so i can mess up with those.
I want adblock.
I want to stop youtube from downloading the video when i just want to read comments.
I want the browser to search for my comments under a youtube video even when they are under other comments that are not extended.
I want to manipulate the internet and not to be manipulated by it.
I want this for avatar https://ibb.co/Fz3YVWy (it's ready 90x90)
and so much more
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Re: What I want

Post by Carav »

I know your post is only a week old but I found it very intriguing and was wondering if the browser could fulfill your expectations? I know you don't disclose your ways ;) but I was just hoping for some general feedback. I have been dissatisfied with the lack of control one has when using the internet myself and have become increasingly interested in coding so I was wondering if your approach might be an option for me too.

Hope you have a good day!
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