"Virus Scan Failed" when downloading any file

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"Virus Scan Failed" when downloading any file

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I am running a 2nd computer that is still running Win8.1. Overnight I started receiving a "Virus Scan Failed" message when I try to download anything from the Iron browser, even trying to save a pdf file that was open in a tab. I am running iron64_v109.0.5550.0. I have even tried to down rev the Iron versions with no help, so reinstalled v109. I have been able to download from Firefox and Microsoft Edge. I disabled my virus software and disabled all extensions in Iron, still with "virus scan failed". I ran virus scans with 3 different apps; McAfee, Webroot & Malwarebytes, with no issues found.

One solution was to add a new DWORD (32-bit) value:


adding the value did not work.

I found a solution online that worked by editing the reg file:

"ScanWithAntiVirus"=dword:00000001 from default of "3" to "1".

Since the [HKEY_CURRENT_USER] "ScanWithAntiVirus" value was not there to begin with, I deleted the new value and download still worked.
I prefer to not to modify the [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE] value since the files will not be scanned during download. Is there another fix out there. Like I said it just happened overnight. I was only downloading via email known virus free content from one computer to another.
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