Uninstall iron on MX Linux

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Uninstall iron on MX Linux

Post by MiSam »

I installed Iron browser on my Laptop running MX Linux, after recovering my system following an update, everything works fine but Iron had some few issues. I am trying to uninstall Iron but still the system fails to locate the package. I can't find a way to uninstall from terminal nor from the app menu or Discover Software Center of MX linux OS !!
I searched and fins out that this is a frustrating problem for many Debian-based users !!!
Can anyone please help me with this issue
OBS. All command lines package names tried such as iron.deb, iron64.deb, iron, srware etc but no success

Many thanks
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Re: Uninstall iron on MX Linux

Post by SRWare »

sudo apt-get remove iron64
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Re: Uninstall iron on MX Linux

Post by kevintexas0106 »

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