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Re: Iron Updater Official

Post by uberhacker »

Any plans for a Debian repo? It'd be nice to

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sudo apt update
and see a new version to install. :)
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Re: Iron Updater Official

Post by Exilon »

Hi. I'v got the strange behaviour of Updater. I installed manually the latest version of Iron on macOs but see incorrect data in Updater. Attempt to install crx version notifies me that CRX_HEADER_INVALID.
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Re: Iron Updater Official

Post by freeeflyer »

Same here.. (with Mac OS)
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Re: Iron Updater Official

Post by freeeflyer »

I've found a workaround for the "CRX header invalid"

Just unpack the crx with a utility like 7zip, switch to "developer mode", choose the upper left button to add an unpacked extension, finally search the directory where you have unpacked the extension, clic "ok" and it's done.
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Re: Iron Updater Official

Post by Alpina »

I am confused, is it me or does the updater actually update? I have installed the .crx for my portable Iron with the trick described above, thank you, but all it seems to be doing is downloading a and that is it.
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Re: Iron Updater Official

Post by Carav »

Does anyone have experience with the portable version?
I'm thinking about swithing browsers for my android phone and ipad and was wondering if it's worth the effort?
Was the bug that you loose all your installed expansions fixed?

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Re: Iron Updater Official

Post by rabidtotoro »

I am having a lot of problems updating.

With Chrome potable I just download the latest version and direct the updater to the correct directory and it installs.
when I use The Iron portable (64) version I direct it to the directory
(in this case. F:\Program Files\iron\IronPortable64 ) and I get a weird overlapping instalation.

If I run chrome.exe I get the old install version.
if I run iron.exe I get the old install version
if I run IronPortable.exe I get the updated "new" versions but all my settings and utilities are gone.

So what's going on?
How can I update but keep my settings, bookmarks, and Chrome aps?
I have been in an update limbo with the last version I installed as : Version 97.0.4950.0
I DO not want to re-install every little widget, password and bookmark again if I don't have to.
And, like I said I don't have this issue with Chrome portable 64.
(yes I have both as some pages run more smoothly with each.)
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Re: Iron Updater Official

Post by Abrax87 »

rabidtotoro wrote: Wed Jul 06, 2022 11:46 pm I am having a lot of problems updating. [...]
I guess you are running Windows? Usually, when I do start the updater I have it in the same path as the browser. Actually this prog does not 'install' anything, it exchanges files, older ones for new ones. If you use the updater for both your Iron and Chrome you may get them mixed up, that can pose problems. Try using the updater only with Iron for now. You can test a few things to see what does work.

This is one way to use the updater:
You run the updater from its own path, will be 'F:\Program Files\Iron\IronUpdater\...' in your case.
The browser prog and files will be found under 'F:\Program Files\Iron\IronPortable64\Iron\...'.
So both programs are in different folders, but share most of the directory path. The updater prog should be able to find the browser prog folder and its contents.

Another way, slightly different, maybe it matters:
You copy the folder with updater ('IronUpdater') right inside the 'IronPortable' folder, and run the prog from there.
Should look like this:
'F:\Program Files\Iron\IronPortable64\Iron\...' for the browser prog and its files.
'F:\Program Files\Iron\IronPortable64\IronUpdater\...' for the updater prog.
Now the updater prog is in the same directory path as the actual browser prog. It should find the contents to update with ease.

With one of those two ways, the updater should be able to find the Iron prog, its files, and should only change files inside the program folder, not touch your settings and addons in the other folder.

Reason why the updater might have probs to do its work:
Some users have put the updater in a whole other directory. The prog is probably coded to look in its own directory path first for files to update. If it is residing somewhere else, it may not be able to find these in the folder you wish to be updated? It may instead update files in another path. The folder path structure for Chromium based browsers is pretty similar (as it is for Mozilla based browsers, like Firefox a.o. btw. They too have their own similar structure).
The update process can 'go wrong' literally, by exchanging files in another directory path. If that happens to be your 'Chrome' path, it will get 'updated', or rather its files mixed up. For the Chrome variant you should use its own updater, and put it in the path of that browser. So mixing things up should not occur.
I guess this is a common reason updaters do have difficulties. Is why I would put these always in the same path as the progs to be updated. Can it be such problem you have?

The third, and most manual way - this has to work every time:
You download the IronPortable archive, open it (e.g. with 7zip or the Windows own archiver). Put its contents in a temporary folder, like 'IronNew'.
Open the directory of your Iron browser. Both folders of interest you find under 'F:\Program Files\Iron\IronPortable64\...', using your example:
- The program folder, named 'Iron' - is what you need to update, you will do manually.
- The other folder, called 'Profile' - is for personal settings, links, addons. You do not touch it.
- Archive your 'Profile' folder, create a .zip file ( - just in case.
It is your backup, so you can revert if you mess with files inside your profile. Keep the .zip until the next update, delete it, create a new one as fallback.

- Delete the 'Iron' folder, the actual program folder - is where the old program files reside.
Now the old IronPortable prog is gone - but not settings, links, addons. The folder holding these is still there.
- Copy the new 'Iron' folder from your temporary 'IronNew' folder into the directory.
Once again you have a program folder, but this time with the newest files. The old ones you purged.
This manual way of updating should apply also to other environments - OS X, Linux, and Android. It should always work.

If you now start iron.exe, or the IronPortable.exe, they should run Iron portable in its newest variant, which is version 102 atm. Plus all settings, links, addons should be there, too - except when sth had changed. You may need to update addons, settings could have been switched in development, you need to reset something. Check everything thoroughly.
You create a link for IronPortable.exe on your desktop, rename it 'Iron v.102 portable', and are ready to roll. The temporary folder 'IronNew' you can delete after you had tested that your browser is running fine. You can also keep an older browser download you know had worked, if you need to go back. The moment you find a newer version is running well you could delete it, too.

Is how I do the update, esp. if there were big changes in development, which rather means it is an 'upgrade'. Sometimes the manual way is better, you know, kiss principle. Works for me. :mrgreen:
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Re: Iron Updater Official

Post by freemore »

I am using the Chrome browser plugin Iron Updater to help keep my browser up to date. ... imjdafimjn

Interestingly the plugin says my current installed version of Iron is 102.0.9999.0 and the latest version of Iron is: 102.0.5200.0
Obviously this is wrong. Does anyone else have this problem? The version of this plugin shows to be, this is the version I have installed.
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Re: Iron Updater Official

Post by freemore »

Same problem. Iron Updater browser plugin: ... imjdafimjn
keeps notifying my browser is out of date when in fact it is not.
Keeps wanting to update even after I update the browser.

It shows:
Installed Version:
Latest Build:

I have browser:
Version 106.0.5400.0 (Official Build) (64-bit)
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